What you can do

Sign the petition

Sign the petition for more ambitious, concrete and measurable policy and action on air quality in Brussels directed to Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort and Brussels Minister of Environment Celine Fremault .

The new Brussels’ air quality-energy plan contains a number of positive measures. That is good news, however without priorities and a concrete timeline it remains uncertain that the most important measures will be carried out in time. In other words, the plan still has to become a real strategy that makes clear choices for the most effective measures to achieve healthier air as soon as possible. Because a dieselban is hugely important for cleanair, please consider also asking the Brussels government to join the international city network C40 and signing its petition on banning diesel cars.

Express your concern and speak to the relevant ministers about the importance of healthy air for everyone who lives, visits or works in Brussels. Tell them what can be improved using the examples described below or have a look at the letter from CleanAirBXL to Bruxelles Environnement for more suggestions.
This will help policy makers to make clear choices for better air quality in our capital. You can send your opinion and suggestions to:

Spread the word and take action!

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Wood burning and car traffic are the most important sources of air pollution in Brussels. Find out what you can do to find good alternatives. Discuss with your neighbours, the crèche, school, your work so that awareness grows and appropriate measures are being taken.
From September, we will be participating in air quality measurements in the context of the EU hackAIR project. Contact us via cleanairbxl@gmail.com if you want to participate.