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[two_third extra=”” anim=””][paragraph extra=”lead”]We are a citizens movement in Brussels that campaigns for clean air.[/paragraph]
[paragraph extra=””]Our Brussels air is often polluted and makes us sick, so sick that 632 people die each year prematurely. The air is so polluted that European legislation is being breached and that a good number of us, particularly the elderly and children, is suffering from severe respiratory conditions, heart and vascular diseases.

We want to be able to breathe freely, we want cleaner air now, we want to stay in Brussels without feeling guilty towards our children who are breathing this unhealthy air every day. [/paragraph]

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We consider safe food and drinking water as a basic human right. Europe and its countries should equally have the ambition to give people the right to clean air.

(Prof. Tim Nawrot, KULeuven – Universiteit Hasselt)[/paragraph][/two_third]
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[paragraph extra=”lead”]Do you want to participate in one of our meetings?  For more details and registration: https://www.meetup.com/Brussels-Clean-Air-Meetup/ .[/paragraph]
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