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  • Brussels air pollution case goes to EU court as judge warns the Air Quality plans of the Brussels government is inadequate.

    In the air pollution case of 5 Brussels citizens and Client Earth against the Brussels government, the judge has found that the authority’s current plans to clean it up are inadequate, but requested further guidance from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) before making a final decision.

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  • 100 doctors and scientists alert about air pollution in Brussels

    General practitioners, specialists, teachers and health organizations urgently demand more ambition against air pollution. Invisible, air pollution leads to premature births, low birth weight, cognitive deficits, childhood asthma and cancer. In adults, air pollution causes severe cardiovascular disease and COPD. It is especially the socially deprived who are exposed to

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  • Court action for clean air in Brussels

    ClientEarth, along with five Brussels citizens, are pursuing legal action against the Brussels regional government for failure to deliver an adequate Air Quality Plan (AQP) and to adequately measure and monitor concentrations of pollutants in the city. The levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Brussels have breached legal limits since

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  • Shocking levels of Brussels pollution revealed

    Deze tekst kan u hier in het nederlands vinden. Ce texte est disponible ici en français Independent air quality measurements carried out by environmental law organisation ClientEarth have revealed the shockingly high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on the streets of Brussels and alarming flaws in the official monitoring network.

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